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Novembre Feel a Little Bit Human With “Umana”


novembre ursa

I think we might have a new record for the cleanest, softest, most gentle intro to a death metal song ever… assuming you want to call Novembre’s new single “Umana” death metal. It all seems a bit too ambient, melodic and clean to be death metal. But I digress. Every metalhead knows that the subgeneres of metal are more of a mess than Michael Jackson’s nose. Seriously, what other genre of music has a Wikipedia page that lists more than fifty subgenres? None.

Anyway, “Umana” is a great track despite the subgenre ambiguity. Like I said, the instruments are ambient, melodic and clean with some great growling vocals over them. It’s in the same realm as Deafheaven, so maybe we can just call “Umana” whatever the hell people call them, because I don’t have an answer to that, either. Too bad colleges don’t offer an ambiguous subgenre classification course, because after listening to “Umana,” I really feel like I need it.

“Umana” is the single off Novembre’s upcoming album, URSA, which drops April 1 via Peaceville. You can listen to the track below and pre-order the album here.

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