LOL Dave Mustaine Films Cell Phone Video in Vertical Mode


Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, we need to have a talk.

When you whip out your cell phone to film video — be it at a concert, of your baby crawling around, or of your ugly-ass self — do not position the phone vertically like a chump. EVER. Always turn it horizontally.

Why? Because when you post it to the Internet it’ll look like the below, with a tiny sliver of video and huge black bars on both sides.

No surprise, then, that Dave Mustaine doesn’t know this. This is a guy who loves Bill O’Reilly and once told African women to “put a plug in it.” Clearly he “gets it.”

Dave Mustaine probably also likes the Yankees and puts ketchup on his hot dogs. I’ll bet he even thinks Games of Thrones is just “OK.”

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