Watch: Video Footage of Iron Maiden’s “Ed Force One” 747 Jet Landing in Fort Lauderdale


Most normal people probably see a video like this one of the brand new Ed Force One landing in Fort Lauderdale on its maiden voyage and think, “That’s pretty fucking awesome. Sick plane.”

I see such a video and think, “Who the fuck made this video? And how?”

And that’s just the beginning of my neurotic compulsion towards overthinking. Think of all the coordination that had to go into this. Someone had to look up flight schedules, which are publicly available at sites like FlightStats but takes initiative nonetheless (although for private flights? I’m not sure). Then they had to figure out on which runway the flight would be landing, and find a vantage point of that runway from which the plane’s entire approach would be visible (how many such locations even exist??). Then they had to keep a camera pointed at the sky… and wait. On top of that, they also had to be an Iron Maiden fan living in the Fort Lauderdale area… and not just any Maiden fan, but a big enough fan to know that this is a big deal. AND they had to have a camera suitable for filming this.

And then you click the YouTube video and learn that there’s a channel called SkyFixation with over 9,000 followers that specializes solely in video like this one and you think to yourself WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?! From the channel’s description: “Hey there! I am an avid aviation enthusiast and flight simmer! I make Aviation videos for all of you aviation fanatics to enjoy! :D” Alrighty, then.

In any case, watch the video of Ed Force One’s very first landing on the Book of Souls World Tour below. There’s a ton of a wind noise so it seems as if it was filmed outside, and I’m not sure, but I think I hear some muffled applause when the plane lands which suggest there may’ve been other Maiden fans in attendance. What a crazy world we live in. The Internet!

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