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New Dawnbringer EP XX is Out Now for the Streaming and the Buying!


Dawnbringer - XXLook, sometimes there’s just too much new music to keep track of. So, despite really digging 2010’s Nucleus and loving 2012’s Into the Lair of the Sun God even more, I somehow slept on Dawnbringer’s 2014 release Night of the Hammer. Shame on me, I know!

Thankfully MetalSucks has readers like Christian C. to make sure that never happens again; there’s a new Dawnbringer EP called XX, and it’s available for streaming and buying right now on their Bandcamp page and below.

I’m about halfway through XX so far, and already I’m loving it: it’s got that vague flavor of Iron Maiden wrapped up in a smooth, pan-retro trad/heavy metal shell that’s always been a hallmark of Dawnbringer — yet not derivative in the slightest — and the songs, as usual, are eminently hummable and instantly memorable. In short: it rocks.

The band has parted ways with longtime label Profound Lore, opting to release XX independently in the digital realm and via Ektro Records physically (physical copies will become available in “the upcoming months,” according to a Facebook post). Check it out and let us know what you think.

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