Unsigned and Unholy: Re1ikt, Heptaedium, Oaken


Belarusian band Re1ikt describe themselves as “a mixture of alternative rock, atmospheric post-metal and prog with Belarusian traditional folk songs culture.” While I can’t speak to the latter (aside from the language of the lyrics) I can certainly vouch for the rest, and I can also tell you this: their music is hella interesting! It’s a bit bizarre and has a certain melancholic, plodding vibe to it that warms my insides. Here’s their new album Liekavyja Travy (“Healing Herbs” in English):

Sure, the whole mashing of electronica/chiptune with metal thing — aka Nintendocore — has been done before, but I’m certain it’s never been done like this. Heptaedium expertly graft 8-bit tones from your NES onto polyrhythmic breakdown/chugs which, I know, sounds like it’s gonna be terrible but works SO, so well the way it’s done here. New album Underground Business is out now via micro-label Kitty on Fire Records:

King Beast is just the first album released by sludge/hardcore band Oaken, but damn, these Hungarians show the maturity of a band with years of experience. If you like it dark, crusty and punchy, you’ll be digging what the band has to offer. Stream courtesy Metal Hammer.

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