Now There’s a Petition to Stop Kid Rock from Inducting Cheap Trick Into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


For those of you who aren’t aware, Change.org is a platform for people to assert their (dis)approval about something by creating a petition and getting folks to e-sign it. So if you want to show you like Motörhead, you create a petition to name an element after Lemmy. If you hate yourself and everyone else, you create a petition protecting Creed’s bandname. And if you hate Kid Rock, you create a petition trying to get him barred from inducting Cheap Trick into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And now, according to Metal Insider, there’s a petition to do just that. It can be found here, and states the following:

“We, the people of the United States of America with ears, firmly request that you strip Kid Rock, the human manifestation of everything ‘Idiocracy’ predicted, from attending the ceremony, much less inducting one of the most iconic, influential and hardest-working bands in all of rock & roll.

“That’s right, by signing this petition, we make it clear that we would prefer that he wasn’t even allowed into the building.”

On the one hand, I agree with petition creator Darren Robbins that Kid Rock inducting Cheap Trick into the Hall of Fame feels off. Cheap Trick made some big bombastic rock tunes, yeah, but they were always kind of nerdy and weird about it, which is best displayed by Rick Nielsen dressing up every day as the kid who gets beaten up by the kid who Angus Young dresses up as every day. So I’m not sure having this Southern rawk-lovin’ rap metal star usher them into the hall of the ancients makes much sense. So yeah, I side with Robbins, in principle.

But on the other hand, aw, does someone not like a Kid Rock? This whole petition is more a public display of butthurt than anything effective. It only requires a hundred signatures — really swinging for the bleachers, guys — and will, at the end of the day, do nothing to keep Kid Rock from inducting Cheap Trick into the Hall Of Fame. It’s really just a chance for Robbins to whine about rock music.

Anyway, sign the petition if you want to make a statement or whatever. Good luck, I guess.

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