Metal at the Oscars: Pantera Gets Mentioned, Former Black Flag Bassist Wins Big


Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was full of big wins and losses (so I’m told — I ended up watching The Thing and eating oven fries instead). DiCaprio finally got his statue, George Miller got shafted, and Chris Rock made every joke about white people in his repertoire. And like all major events, metal crept its way into the proceedings, with a few noteworthy appearances and victories that will be touted by metalheads for years to come as proof we matter on the world stage.

First, Pantera got a shout-out during the round-up of The Big Short, which won Best Adapted Screenplay last night. The band was referenced during a description Dr. Michael Burry (Christian Bale’s character) and how he uses metal drumming to blow off steam. Check out the video courtesy of Pantera’s Twitter account:

See? SEE? PANTERA AT THE OSCARS! Sure, it was a momentary mention, and it was just referencing metal drumming as a whole, and no one stood up and screamed the breakdown from “Domination” at the top of their lungs, but it still counts! You made it, Darrell! You made it!

Next, a huge congrats goes to former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler, who won Best Sound Editing as part of the team behind Mad Max: Fury Road. Roessler, who played on four of Black Flag’s albums during the Rollins years, has also won several Emmys for her work on John Adams and Game of Thrones, but this is her first Oscar. It’s cool to know that years after you shaped punk along with one of the most destructive bands on the planet, you can receive mainstream accolades for making sure the whirr of Imperator Furiosa’s mechanical arm fits correctly with her movements.

Any more ultra-metal moments at the Oscars, other than Leo winning for a role that involved eating raw liver and being ridden by a CGI bear? Let us know in the Comments.

[via The PRP and Loudwire]

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