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Here’s the Mister Rogers Theme as a Metal Track (You’re Welcome)


I know 2011 was ages ago, but you guys remember Eric Calderone, AKA YouTuber 331Erock, the guy who covered the Harry Potter theme as a metal song? Well, as though to double-check that he was on a sex offender watch list, here he is playing the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme as a metal song.

Wow, between the Star Wars sweatshirt, the hair, and the smile, this guy is the most terrifying person on the planet. Especially since he used to look like this:


Imagine laying in bed and feeling a hot, milky breath on your face, and when you turn on the lamp there’s Eric with his guitar. He grins, and says two words:

“Hi, neighbor.”

[via Geekologie]

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