Baroness Disavow Sexual Assaulter Fan


Metal shows are in their very nature kinetic and physical events where you’re going to come into physical contact with other fans no matter what. But too often emotionally-crippled pieces of rat shit use these concerts as a chance to initiate unwanted sexual contact with a fellow concertgoer.

That’s what happened to Rosie Solomon of Redbrick Music, who wrote about her experience at a recent Baroness show:

The man behind me was pushing into me in time with the music, but we were all jumping and bouncing and dancing and so I continued to think nothing of it. Until I looked around and I saw that he had plenty of space, and was deliberately thrusting his groin into my leg from behind.

The post goes on to describe how Solomon was followed around by this fucking cretin throughout the night, and how he kept humping her leg and making inappropriate comments until she reported him to security, at which point he fled like the pathetic coward he is.

Well, Baroness read the post, and responded with the following statement via Facebook:

Fuck yes. Glad to see that those guys aren’t just making some blanket statement about how sorry they are that Solomon had a bad night. Too often bands are worried about pissing off some portion of their fanbase, but Baroness have made it clear: that type of person isn’t welcome among their fans.

If you’re not some sociopathic tadpole who thinks sex is out there to be taken, catch Baroness at one of the dates on their upcoming US tour. And if you’re a concertgoer who’s being sexually harassed, report your assaulter immediately. I know that’s easier said than done — it’s way too common for a victim to have their accusations countered with, “Well, what did you do?” or something equally awful — but hopefully you can make sure these scumbags pay for their bullshit behavior.

And hey, to the guy who humped Solomon’s leg:

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