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Killswitch Engage Stream Special Edition of Album You’ve Heard Most Of Already


Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

Over the past couple of weeks, Killswitch Engage have streamed six songs off of their new album Incarnate, to the point where I kind of wondered if they would just release the album one song after the other leading up to the release date.

Well, on the day of the record’s release, the band has apparently gotten sick of the slow burn approach, because they’re now officially streaming the special edition of Incarnate in full. This edition includes three bonus tracks, “Reignite,” “Triumph Through Tragedy,” and “Loyalty,” all of which you can hear below.

This method makes me question the definition of “special edition.” If KSE are streaming this version in full, isn’t this the regular edition? Why not just release the album with those three songs on it if you’re going to stream them now? That’s like giving someone a delicious sandwich, and then offering to sell them the same sandwich but without mayonnaise. Is this just an excuse to slap a bunch of stickers on a CD that maybe comes with a DVD or something? Maybe I just don’t understand the delicate inner workings of the music industry.

Anyway, stream the special edition Incarnate below. The album comes out today on Roadrunner, so feel free to buy the Hoi Polloi edition in stores for some reason. Meanwhile, the band’s US tour kicks off next week, so catch them at one of the dates here.

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