Bullet For My Valentine Frontman Takes Part In First-Ever Air-to-Sea-to-Land Gig


Bullet For My Valentine and the Jägermeister Ice Cold series have something in common: they’re both pretty ridiculous, and don’t need to exist. Which is why it makes sense that they joined forces for what is an interesting, if finally disappointing, event.

BFMV frontman Matt Tuck has taken part in the first-ever “air, sea, and land gig,” meaning that he plays guitar continuously while parachuting through the air, riding on a boat, and then traveling across the frozen tundra on a dogsled. And to be fair, that certainly has a Skwigelfian kind of beauty to it. If only it could be done with a more talented musician.

Anyway, watch Tuck play across the elements below. Meanwhile, Jägermeister should let us know if they ever want to have someone blog about metal while being fired into space or anything like that.

[via The PRP]

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