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Making Metal Around the House

  • Phil Boozeman

Think you need a drummer behind your guitar track to make it sound sound heavy? Think again. YouTubers Joey and Brandon went full-blown STOMP and used a grass plant, a wine glass, a microwave door, a bouncy ball, a cookie jar, a book and a knife sharpener instead of a drummer to make a pretty cool beat that is simultaneously heavier and more creative than about half the music being put out by all artists (of all genres, not just metal) today.

Now I’m not sure which one of them is Joey and which one of them is Brandon, but I think that the funniest parts of this video are the facial expressions the two guys make while using the household objects, namely the bouncy ball and the microwave. It’s the look of a stone cold killer. It’s the look of a man who knows he doesn’t need to conform to the mainstream standards of music to be brutal. It’s the look of a man who knows he’s going to bang your girl as soon as you leave the house. It’s the look of a god damn champion.

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