LG Petrov Can’t Keep His Former Guitarist From Making Entombed Beer


The split between former Entombed singer and current Entombed AD singer LG Petrov and his former bandmates has been a messy one. In 2014, Petrov won the right to use the band’s name to record and tour under. But it seems that guitarist Alex Hellid was quick enough to register a trademark for spirits production under the name, and despite Petrov’s legal protests, he now has it.

Petrov initially filed a letter of protest against Hellid, claiming that his use of the Entombed name on beverages would confuse fans and take business away from the band, and that Hellid’s registration was in bad faith. But the Swedish Patent and Registration Office didn’t seem to care, and in a March 8th ruling they rejected Petrov’s requests and allowed Hellid to keep the license.

Obviously, this is all fucked up and political, though it does show you the legal insanity that can come with fighting over a band name. Who knew that spirit trademarks were such a fought-over aspect of the band? (Answer: any famous metal band that’s broken up) I’ve also heard that Petrov is super power-hungry, so I’m not surprised he wanted every aspect of the Entombed name.

But here’s a message to Alex Hellid: don’t let me down. If you’re going to hoard that spirit trademark, I expect an Entombed beer — hell, a line of Entombed beers — and they better be tasty. Right now, I’m thinking a Sinners Bleed Red, a Bringer of Light Lager, and maybe a Wolverine Bluesberry Stout. Don’t just keep that trademark as a victory against your frontman, do something with it. Get me drunk with it.


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