This St. Patrick’s Day, Mantar Want You to Kiss the “Schwanenstein”


German duo Mantar are a big favorite around the MetalSucks Mansion, with their last record Death By Burning landing high on my Best of 2014 list. Well, the band has just released a second new track from their upcoming record Ode To The Flame called “Schwanenstein.” It’s not quite as good as “Era Borealis” — it’s a little more straightforward — but there’s still some creepy, crushing shit going down. Listen below.

Fun fact: the Schwanenstein, which means ‘swan stone’, is actually a glacial erratic off of Rügen. It was believed that before they were delivered to parents by swans in the winter, children resided within the stone itself. Poetically, three orphans also died there during a hurricane. Pretty crazy, huh? Hooray for metal education.

Anyway, here’s “Schwanenstein.” Ode to the Flame drops April 15th on Nucelar Blast.

[via Noisey]

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