AC/DC: Brian Johnson Supporters Launch Petition Asking Angus Young to Retire the Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

I have to imagine that AC/DC are, for all intents and purposes, done. The band’s youngest members are sexagenarians; Malcolm Young had to leave the group because he tragically developed dementia; and last week, the band pulled the plug on the final ten dates of their North American tour because vocalist Brian Johnson is in danger of going deaf (and don’t even get me started on all their drummer drama). Is Angus Young gonna try and switch singers again and soldier on without Malcolm or Johnson? Who in their right mind would drag their dying band along without two key members? Young (and, not that anyone seems to care, bassist Cliff Williams) has promised to make up the cancelled dates with a replacement vocalist, but, presumably, those shows will also serve as AC/DC’s swan song.

And while many fans are already making predictions about the identity of the replacement vocalist, others think even playing those ten gigs are a mistake. To that end, said fans have now launched a petition asking Angus Young to just mothball his SG already:

“As many already know Brian Johnson who has been the frontman of AC/DC for the past 36 years has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately due to hearing loss. AC/DC has since made a statement that they will continue the remaining tour dates with a guest vocalist. Most fans do not agree with this decision and feel they should retire with dignity and respect to their lineup. Angus Young is their only original member left at this point and they are becoming more of a tribute act. Please sign and help convince the band to call it a day and not tarnish the AC/DC legacy.”

On the one hand, I completely understand where these fans are coming from — as I keep reiterating, branding has become too important, and there are too many groups these days that are the advertised band in name only. On the other hand, I understand the point of view of fans with tickets to those ten shows who wanna see this “AC/DC cover band” — those fans already knew that this was probably gonna be the final AC/DC tour, so let them say their farewells and get some closure. AC/DC will really only “tarnish their legacy” if, following those ten shows, they continue on with the new vocalist (and rhythm guitarist and drummer).

Although it’s all probably a moot point anyway: as of this writing, the petition only has forty-two signatures, and they’re only seeking fifty-eight more. Something tells me that however much money Angus Young stands to make playing these concerts, it’s gonna be worth more to him that the opinions of a hundred fans.

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