Watch Diarrhea Planet and Harry Kagan Slay a Cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”


Until AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson figures out his health issues, or the band finds a new singer, we sadly won’t be getting new AC/DC music, and sadly, there’s even a chance the band might call it quits (which would please Johnson’s supporters).

Hopefully, though, what this means is that cool bands remember how much they love AC/DC and start doing AC/DC covers.

Leading the way is Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet (say it with me now: Diarrhea Planet), who covered “Thunderstruck” with Music Band frontman Harry Kagan at Infinity Cat’s SXSW showcase. Armed with four guitars and Kagan’s surprisingly killer shriek, the band does a solid job of laying down the classic song just the way you like it (no ultra-experimental AC/DC covers, please).

Watch the cover below. Next up, we’re hoping for a creepy stoner-goth cover of “Night Prowler.” Windhand? Salem’s Pot? You guys busy?

[via Metal Insider]

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