Grand Magus are Warriors, Defenders of Steel, Awesome


As previously noted, Grand Magus are the new Manowar. All their lyrics are either about fighting and/or metal — although if they’re really gonna take Manowar’s crown they need to start singing more about Grand Magus themselves — and their songs are gloriously epic, fist-in-the-air, power metal bangers. When it comes to the intersection of trad metal and power, no one is doing it better right now.

They’re also wonderfully prolific, releasing a new album every one and a half to two years like clockwork. If it seems like we were just talking about Triumph and Power, it’s because we were, but the Swedes in Grand Magus return today with “Varangian,” the first track to be released from their next album Sword Songs (BEST ALBUM NAME EVER). It’s about vikings and warriors and defenders of steel and all manner of other awesome stuff, it’s got a singalong chorus that’ll have you raping and pillaging in no time, and plenty of ace guitarmonies too. Jam it below.

Sword Songs comes out swinging on May 13th; pre-order here.

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