This Fan-Made Video for Faith No More’s “Superhero” is Your Gross-Out Mindwarp of the Day


No matter what your favorite album of 2015 was, there is no denying that Faith No More’s Sol Invictus was last year’s champion. One of our favorite tracks thereon was “Superhero,” a fast-paced and punishing mind-bender of a song that ushers the listener right into the heart of the album.

Well, FNM fan Rafael Barros Baldin thought so too, and took it upon himself to make an animated video for the track, complete with shit-covered toilets, giant flying penis monsters, and an animated version of FNM themselves.

The band liked the video so much that they posted it on Facebook — and rightly so, as it’s a killer video. Also, good on Faith No More for promoting the awesome efforts of one of their listeners. Let this be a lesson to animators out there — if you make it, your favorite band might get behind it.

Check out “Superhero” below. Sol Invictus is out now, though if you’re reading this, I can’t imagine you haven’t heard it by now.

[via The PRP]

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