Avernal Release Best Album of Their Career, 20 Years In


Avernal are the Argentinian death ’n’ roll band I never knew I needed. I’m no expert on the genre or its forefathers (sorry, Entombed!), but one look at the avant-garde symbolist cover art by Santiago Caruso sucked me right in. For the past few weeks now, La Quimera de la Perfección has been my go-to soundtrack for blocking out the inevitable NYC springtime catcalls — a feat not achieved this successfully for me since Carcass blessed us with their 2013 masterpiece Surgical Steel.

Despite Avernal’s 23-year history, little information about the band exists online. Their earlier material is pretty standard fare as far as traditional death metal goes, but from what I gathered via the Google Translate version of their Facebook bio, they adopted this newer sound in 2009 and leapt light years ahead with La Quimera. Naming your album after a fire-breathing, lion-headed, mythical beast might sound a little ambitious, but when you’ve taken your thus-far quiet career and flipped it upside down to make one of the most flawlessly blended, punishingly heavy death-doom-rock recordings in recent memory, you’ve earned your bragging rights.

See for yourself via Bandcamp:

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