Behemoth’s “Ben Sahar” Video Travels the Monochromatic Wasteland


Behemoth are taking their video game up a notch these days. While “Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel” and “Messe Noir” were traditionally metal, “The Satanist” took things in a more cinematic and abstract direction.

Now, the band has released a visually-stunning video for “Ben Sahar,” another track from 2014’s massive The Satanist. You can watch below.

It’s interesting how Behemoth are still making art based on an album that came out two years ago, and there’s no problem with that when the art is this good. If most bands dropped your average video two years after the release of a record, it’d be a little confusing. But Behemoth isn’t most bands, The Satanist was no simple record, and these videos are anything but average. So I’m happy to ignore that fact and just enjoy it. That said, I’m still excited to see Nergal and co. take a break from making beer and country music and write a new record.

Watch “Ben Sahar” below. The Satanist is out now on Metal Blade.

[via Metal Hammer]

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