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It Looks Like a Bunch of Metal Bands Got Their Twitter Accounts Hacked


These days, no one’s social media is free from hackers. Vince Neil, Mastodon, and Unlocking the Truth all found it out the hard way. You click one wrong link, and suddenly some asshole is advertising cash for gold or Russian pee teens on your Twitter. It’s a danger of the modern world.

And apparently a number of metal bands found that out yesterday, when Soundcloud links to the artists Frank Ocean and Nadia Nair were posted on their Twitter accounts.

The PRP reports that Slayer, Fear Factory, Revocation, Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage, Red Fang, Torche, and Abysmal Dawn all had links to these two musicians’ music — none of which, in case you’re clueless, is metal — posted on their Twitters yesterday. As of press time, Slayer and Fear Factory appear to have taken them down, but the rest are still up.

So who’s the dickhead messing with these accounts? The guys in Abysmal Dawn seem to think it’s Soundcloud themselves:

I wonder if Soundcloud would do that. As a massive streaming service used by thousands of bands, Soundcloud probably wouldn’t stoop so low as to hack metal artists’ Twitters… right? That seems hugely unprofessional for such a trusted company. If it were discovered that Soundcloud was in the habit of hacking indie artists’ pages to promote whatever music they want, it could discredit them entirely.

Then who’s the culprit? These bands are on different labels, so it’s probably not someone within their own camps. Could it be a Soundcloud employee who hates metal? Ocean and Nair themselves, or someone in their respective management teams trying to drum up hype? Or maybe just an angry MetalSucks commenter wanting to troll bands he or she dislikes? Our guess is as good as anyone.

We’ll let you know if this dastardly hacker gets caught. In the meantime, hey, have you heard the new Frank Ocean?

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