“House of Shame”: Heaviest Lacuna Coil Song Ever?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lacuna Coil have debuted “House of Shame,” the first single from their new album, Delirium… and it really does not sound like the Lacuna Coil you know. It’s wwwwaaaayyyy heavier than anything I can remember the band doing before, and somehow skirts the line between nu-metal, metalcore, and power metal (parts of it sound straight up Epica-esque).

I don’t know if this shift in sound is the result of the band losing half their line-up since their last album or just artistic growth/experimentation, but regardless, I don’t think I’ve liked a Lacuna Coil song this much since the Karmacode era. I am now 1,000% more curious to hear Delirium than I was six minutes ago.

Listen to “House of Shame” below, courtesy of RevolverDelirium comes out May 27 on Century.

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