Video: Guy Sings 99 Metallica Songs in Ten Minutes


Fresh from the lab of Paschalis Theotokis, the man who combined all 75 Lamb of God songs into a single seven-minute video (complete with era-appropriate Randy Blythe hairstyles), comes this: “99 Metallica Songs in Ten Minutes.”

As with Theotokis’s past videos, what’s most impressive is the attention to detail: not only is his vocal delivery a dead-on impersonation of Papa Het, but the production style for each track is consistent with the album from which it came, and the transitions between song segments are as smooth as they could possibly be given the rapid-fire song-to-song pace required to fit 99 of them into a ten minute video. And, as in the Lamb of God video, his outfits — and mannerisms — are perfect. Job well done, sir!

Watch below, and subscribe on YouTube here.

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