Someone Started a Petition to Add “Djent” to the Oxford English Dictionary


Does it djent or does it not?

That’s the question one metalhead is seeking to find out about the word “djent” itself, which he’s attempting to add to the Oxford English Dictionary via a petition on Change.org.

The word “djent” has been the subject of much controversy within the metal community, with many objecting to its classification as a genre. Those cries seem to have diminished in recent years, though, as the genre has gone from up-start to metal mainstream to beyond its peak. My opinion has always been that if people say and think it’s a genre, then it is. There’s no use claiming “djent isn’t a genre” when literally hundreds of thousands of people are using the term to describe a specific type of metal.

But will the Oxford English Dictionary agree with that sentiment? Words are typically introduced into the dictionary only after they come to widespread use on their own, but it’s hard to imagine a fringe genre in a fringe music scene attracting that kind of attention. Still, ya never know! The petition has gained nearly 1,000 signers as of this writing, and we’re sure that number will skyrocket once the metal press gets wind of the story. Says the petition’s founder Liam Morrison:

The sub-genre, typified by polyrhythmic chord patterns played in the low register of extended-range guitars, has become a staple of the landscape of modern metal. Although usage of the term ignites controversy amongst some circles, many believe that its inclusion as an official word of the English language would benefit its standing in the greater cultural landscape.

The signatories confirm their desire to see the term ‘Djent’ included in the Oxford English Dictionary, for reasons of promoting its standing not only as a sub-genre of metal music but as a global cultural movement.

Sign the petition here.

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