Unsigned and Unholy: Post Mortal Possession, Godless Angel, Sentient Ignition


Post Mortal Possession are as heavy and dark as the coal thousands of feet beneath their home town of Pittsburgh. Someone get these dudes on a tour with their Pennsylvania brethren in Rivers of Nihil and Black Crown Initiate STAT, although honestly they’d be the heaviest band on the bill. Think Misery Index riffs with RoN guitar solos and guttural vocals. This goes so fucking hard. I’ll be surprised if this band doesn’t start attracting national attention very, very soon.

MetalSucks diehards surely know Godless Angel, the one-man band of longtime MS commenter Derek Neibarger. Godless Angel just put out a new album entitled The Conjuring of Four, and it’s Neibarger’s tightest, most cohesive work yet; it’s clear Derek’s been putting his time away from the MetalSucks comments section to good use! Start with “Twisting Chaos,” the album’s first full track (after the intro), and you’ll get it; old-school DM influences like Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus and even Slayer run heavy with Godless Angel, but there’s plenty that makes The Conjuring of Four sound plenty original, too.

You’re gonna press play on Sentient Ignition‘s demo and immediately think, “What the fuck does Vince hear in this band??? He’s getting old and losing it.” But stick with it for about 30 seconds and you’ll get it; yeah, the guitar in the intro is cringe-worthy, but the band is just a victim of poor recording quality here. There are tasty riffs, good solos, and good songwriting. Really, these dudes remind me of early Arsis, and I like Arsis a lot. Their inclusion here today isn’t so much of the “wow listen to this it’s amazing” variety, but the “there’s tons of potential here” type. See what you think.

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