Video: Watch The Story So Far’s Parker Cannon Jump Kick a Fan Off the Stage


Yesterday social media exploded with a video of The Story So Far’s Parker Cannon jump-kicking a fan off the stage who was trying to take a selfie. Around the :34 mark in the video below, a female fan can be seen climbing up on the stage during what appears to be the band’s last song of the set, pulling her phone out and then just kind of loitering up on stage while she tries to get the perfect angle for her selfie. After a few short seconds, Cannon decided that was enough and proceeded to go Mortal Kombat on her and boot her off the stage with an epic flying kick straight to the spine. After that, several fans who don’t try to take selfies are seen jumping on stage to stage dive without incident.

Cannon is known for not liking people taking stage selfies (as seen in this video from 2015) so maybe trying to take one wasn’t the best idea in the world. But that being said, it would have been just as easy for Cannon to stop the song, call her out in front of the crowd and make her climb back down from the stage while everyone watched and waited on her. That would have been much more humiliating and wouldn’t have risked an assault charge that could have seriously injured that girl. It also doesn’t make sense as to why he’d do that to a fan who’s having fun at the show about 30 seconds after saying “This is too much fucking fun.”

I’m with Cannon on the whole hating stage selfies thing, but there was absolutely no reason for him to kick that girl the way he did. Apparently the venue, Toronto’s Mod Club, agrees, because The Story So Far have been banned from playing there ever again. I’d imagine that if Cannon continues to be a raging douche canoe and keeps punting his fans off of stages, they’re probably not going to want to get up on stage anymore. The venue didn’t report any injuries and Cannon is pretty damn lucky for that.

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