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AC/DC and Gucci Join Forces For Most Garish Fashion Line Ever


Usually, when the worlds of fashion and metal merge, it’s just the former blatantly ripping off the latter, and involves the deep underground, which fashion designers seem to think has that elusive East Village kind of cred to it.

Gucci, however, has decided to go full NASCAR by teaming up with AC/DC for their fall fashion line. Yeah, that AC/DC. “Shoot To Thrill” AC/DC.

Our buddies at Metal Injection pointed out the following Instagram post from T, the New York Times‘ style magazine:

Huh. How awful.

For the record, here’s the front of the dress:


Huh. They somehow found a way to make it look even worse.

An NY Times article from February attributed the style to a “renaissance” or sorts:

“It’s rock ’n’ roll Renaissance, 1980s Renaissance, street-style Renaissance, bourgeois Renaissance, chinoiserie Renaissance,” he said backstage. (His show notes said it a little more opaquely, referencing the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and their “rhizomatic’’ system of thought, but the idea was broadly the same.)

Wow, fuck aaaaall of that.

As Metal GF pointed out in her smart-as-fuck editorial about whether or not metal is still counterculture, the world of metal has recently been examined by Vogue, who seem to think wearing a metal shirt is a bold new statement of the edgy outsider (no one seemed this pleased by my buddy’s Malignancy ‘Benoit Baby Heads’ shirt in high school).

It’s just fascinating that Gucci chose AC/DC, of all bands. Metal Injection posits that this came about in response to the departure of singer Brian Johnson and in anticipation of rumored new singer Axl Rose. I just wish they’d done something cool and dramatic and biker-y, instead of just sequining the band’s logo on the back of a pretty typical couture dress.

Aaanyway, if you have a ton of dispensable and want to make sure everyone on the red carpet knows you rock out to “Big Balls” on the regular, then go nuts. If you’re in any way an actual rock and roller, meanwhile, you can get an AC/DC shirt for twenty bucks at one of the sites listed here.

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