Listen: Inner Blast’s Prophecy Already Fulfilled


Even with the knowledge that the new Lacuna Coil jam is really heavy, a listener might’ve been taken by surprise anyway. And its heaviness is only part of the shock; “House Of Shame” comes from a different place than LC’s previous four awesome albums, one that’s a bit classical and a lot Euro. Whatever it is, they nailed it, and the result is that a fan may discard apprehension about this very different line-up of LC and about what may have been a looming end to the band’s dubious relevance. In place of that feeling is excitement and impatience for the next look at LC’s new era.

At this precise moment arrives Inner Blast, whose debut Prophecy (out tomorrow) greatly comforts the nervous fan of a now very mortal Lacuna Coil. Via Prophecy, you can sense that the latter’s eventual end won’t mean the end of “awesome melodic teenager metal with an incredible singer.” What’s so convincing is that its awesome songs succeed in spite of themselves: “Insane” and “Feel The Storm” (below) hint that the album was created with only a demo’s budget, and it’s not really the good kind of “rough.” A few of its performances are downright distracting. Even the band’s name is cutely fertile ground for jokes about farting and jizz. But even shackled to those cement blocks, both songs are buoyant as a beach ball and irrepressible like Demon Lung and The Oath. Soon Inner Blast will be awesome at more than just singing and songwriting. Let’s get them a producer :) Crank it up!

Inner Blast’s Prophecy is out tomorrow via Nordavind. Pre-order here and here.

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