Listen to the Latest Unsettling and Gross New Withered Track


If there’s any one thing about our April Fool’s prank that rang startlingly true, it’s the part where we said how hard it is to think of the umpteenth synonym for “brutal,” “heavy,” “aggressive,” “awesome,” etc. every single day.

So, yeah, this new Withered track is really fucking brutal/heavy/aggressive/awesome, just like “Feeble Gasp” and “Husk,” and as I said about the latter back in March it’s “an unsettlingly gross mixture of death metal, sludge and doom.” “Distort, Engulf” might be even MORE unsettling and gross than the prior two, which is saying a lot, but there it is, that’s what this band is about and always has been. Perhaps Season of Mist should use “unsetting and gross” as their marketing slogan for Withered. You can have that one, guys, it’s on me.

Listen below. Grief Relic comes out May 27 on Season of Mist; pre-order it here.

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