Watch: John Petrucci “Reviews” His New Signature Wah Pedal


Did you know that John Petrucci’s new signature cry baby wah pedal from Dunlop has the strength of an alligator’s jaw when John Petrucci himself uses it? Because John Petrucci does squats. About 10,000 a day. Did you also know that John Petrucci can destroy the moon? Because he will, and we won’t have tides anymore. We need the tides people, the moon is important.

By far the most impressive feature of JP’s new wah pedal is the compartment on the bottom that you can use for hiding the United States Constitution from Nicolas Cage’s prying hands. We all know the crazy shit that man will do to get his claws on American history but I think this time he might finally be beat. If only the government would have hidden it there in the first place, Cage’s treasure hunting career wouldn’t have taken off and we would all have been spared a God awful sequel and, more importantly, another Nic Cage movie.

Watch a new video from Gear Gods below in which Petrucci himself drops by the studio to review his own wah. All we have to say is: wow. If you’re feeling a little psycho and need some exercise, we have just the thing.

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