What the...??

Digital Artist’s Mosh Pit Simulator Is A Dysmorphic Horror Show


It’s hard to accurately describe the movements and method of a mosh pit to an outsider. For those who spend their free time embroiled in these human maelstroms, the ways of the pit are old hat, from the drunk person putting his or her arm around you for no reason to that single huge dude who thinks a concert needs a winner. You just need to be there.

Digital artist Sos Sosowski discovered this while trying to create a VR mosh pit simulator. As you’ll see, the results of his experiment are more reminiscent of Silent Hill than your average metal show:

Wow, how utterly grotesque.

We applaud both Sosowski’s attempts to create a digital mosh pit experience and his botched and terrifying results. Now all he needs to do is program in one of these horrible creatures throwing its entire cheap beer in the viewer’s face, and he’s in business!

[via Metal Injection]

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