Tournament Throw the Most Surreal High School House Party Ever


Throwing a party when your parents are out of town is a high school rite of passage. If you were lucky the worst that happened was a couple of broken glasses, some vomit on the bathroom floor and perhaps some unwieldy stains on your parents’ bed.

In “Sean’s Place,” the new video from Brooklyn rock band Tournament, the clip’s protagonist didn’t fare quite so well… or she fared extraordinarily well, depending on how you look at it. Her party is one unlike any other you or I likely experienced in high school, with masked weirdos, milk-chugging freaks, an orgy and, of course, a ripping rock n’ roll band all in order. Not sure if High School Vince would’ve been freaked the fuck out by such a party or if he would’ve dove in head first, but grown-up Vince is like, “Where was my invite to this rager, dude?”

Troma films founder and cult icon Lloyd Kaufman (Teenape Vs. The Nazi Monster Apocalypse, Zombie Island Massacre and The Toxic Avenger) and Gwar’s Sexecutioner guest in the clip.

Tournament’s new album Teenage Creature is out now and available here.

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