Watch: Mutoid Man Star in Old School Batman Parody “Punisher ’66”

  • Phil Boozeman

In what is officially the funniest thing I’ve seen all month, Steve Brodsky and Nick Cageao of Mutoid Man appear in a 1960s-style movie parody of Marvel antihero the Punisher. Punisher ’66 chronicles the adventures of the Punisher and his sidekick Child Abuse in Batman and Robin roles as the Punisher maims and murders his way through an otherwise incredibly G-rated world. Brodsky and Cageao can be seen playing two Jigsaw henchmen (I think), and Brodsky sings the theme song to boot.

The video is hilarious and the production value is amazing. We all know how funny over-the-top murder can be; it’s why we all love Metalocalypse so much. I remember the first time I saw Batman: The Movie and one of the things I remember most about it was thinking about how funny it would be if the movie were extremely gory. Punisher ’66 fulfills those demented fantasies of mine in every way possible. Other than having Thomas Jane play the Punisher again. He was far and away my favorite Punisher and Marvel fucked up by not having him cast in every subsequent role as the hero after the 2004 movie.

Anyway, check out Punisher ’66 below and check out this if you need more Thomas Jane Punisher goodness like I do.

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