Lacuna Coil’s “Delirium” Will Make You Feel Delirious

  • Axl Rosenberg

I fell culo over capo for “House of Shame,” the first single from Lacuna Coil’s new album, Delirium. Like, I have listened to that song a TON of times since its release a couple of weeks ago. It’s a good song, and it doesn’t really sound like traditional Lacuna Coil! It made me genuinely excited to hear the rest of the album, which is step up from my position on the anticipation spectrum for their last few albums: “curious but keeping expectations modest.”

So when I saw that Lacuna Coil had now released the album’s title track, I hit “play” just as fast as I could. Aaaannddd…

Yeah. Much more in line with what we’ve come to expect from Lacuna Coil. It’s still a good song, but it lacks unexpected elements.

Oddly enough, this makes me even more eager to hear Delirium, if only to sate my curiosity: was “Shame” the exception, or the rule? I suppose we’ll find out after the album is released on May 27…

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