Hatebreed’s New Video Reminds Us of a Band From Flint, Michigan


As you were made aware of earlier this month, Connecticut hardcore kings Hatebreed are back with a new album of songs about standing your ground, admitting your mistakes, and being strong in the face of, I don’t know, tattoos about medieval weaponry? It’s a Hatebreed album. You know what you’re getting.

The band’s new track, “Looking Down Tthe Barrel of Today,” definitely gives listeners exactly what they expect from a Hatebreed song. More so, it seems to be reminiscent of another hardcore band who does a similar thing over and over and over again. The verbose lyrics, the constant gun references… it’s pretty uncanny.

Which is a shame, because Hatebreed are the originators of what that band does, that positive-while-pessimistic warlike view of everyday life, so to see them biting off their imitators is a little, I don’t know, disheartening. Then again, maybe it’s a chicken-and-egg scenarios. Are Hatebreed being inspired by a more contemporary band doing their routine, or does Hatebreed’s routine feel imitated only because other bands have been doing it more recently and noticeably? Is God real? Is Razzles candy or gum? So many big questions.

Anyway, watch the David Brodsky-directed video for “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today” below. Hatebreed’s new album, The Concrete Confessional, drops May 13th on Nuclear Blast.

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