Varg Vikernes: “Terrorism is a Political Tool Used Widely and Mainly by the USA”


What would we do without the prophet Varg Vikernes, his ThuleanPerspective YouTube channel, and his wise insight into the corruption and injustices in the world today? The Burzum frontman — who begins his latest video with a montage of photos from his childhood before proclaiming, “Since I was a child, I have kept my eyes open. And I have seen the true face of this modern world.” — has some interesting views on the USA, Israel, terrorism and other geopolitical issues, and he would like to open our eyes to all of them. Thank goodness!

Like this one:

Terrorism is a political tool used widely and mainly by the USA, and has been for a long time. The CIA in particular is heavily involved in almost all terror attacks that we see and have seen in modern times.

Whew, I had no idea the government of the country in which I live is so purely evil! It’s a good thing we have scholars like Varg to tell us what’s up, complete with unsubstantiated claims.

Look, I’m not going to make the argument that the US isn’t run by warmongering imperialists, but to claim current terrorism in the Middle East is all executed by the US to sway public opinion in favor of Israel, which Varg does later in this video, is just… wow, yeah, it’s so ludicrous I don’t even need to counter that.

Varg goes on to share his feelings on capitalism, democracy, extremism and more in the nearly 12-minute video. To be fair, not all of what he’s saying is completely whackadoo — his theories on democracy and big pharma have some merit, although they’re completely without nuance and fail to take into account the big picture — but it’s difficult to take seriously a guy who says some of the shit Varg does, like the above.

Watch below. Be sure to subscribe to Varg’s channel for more deep theories on human nature.

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