Watch: Drought (IT) and “Fire” Make A Deadly Combination

  • Anso DF

Paranoia is the urge to draw connections unsupported by facts. It helps shrink an infinite universe down to a graspable set of causes and effects. It especially aids the successful unhappy man, who despite his status is baffled by the elusiveness of contentment. Hence, Obama birthers, chem trails, mysticism, SJWophobes, and a continual stance of victimhood preached from a perch of privilege. “I have everything but no peace of mind, so something must be going on.” No biggie, everybody’s doing their best.

In a smaller way, paranoia colors music, as scene-watchers strain to link commonalities that may be owed to no more than coincidence. Why in 2014, for example, did Lord Mantis, Coffinworm, and Athanatos seize the floor of extreme metal discourse with their triptych of hideous sludge masterpieces? Is there a link, is it three far-flung people saying “bless you” simultaneously after some loud global sneeze? The same question seems applicable to 2015-16, in which many of metal’s most riveting works are multi-dimensional, ritualistic black metal mantras. They demand a deeper involvement, one which calls for a listener’s perceptions to be tested or at least left unguarded. What is spurring bands like Cult Of Fire, Inquisition, Death Karma, Aevangelist, and now the mysterious Drought to drive us to contemplation? Is it the engines of groupthink and their tread marks social media? Do these artists wish to increase the volume of a retort to the loudest voices of vapidity? Or are we seeing something that isn’t there.

Drought’s Rudra Bhakti EP came out a couple Fridays ago via Avantgarde. Get it here and here. Digipak CD coming next month.

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