Bus Owner Sues Scott Weiland’s Estate for $50,000 In Damages


Even after his untimely demise, everyone wants a piece of Scott Weiland. First, his ex-wife fought to become the executor of his will. Now, a bus owner is claiming he’s owed fifty large in damages for a bus Weiland trashed while he was still alive.

According to Loudwire, Daniel Smagacz claims that he rented a bus to Weiland for twenty days in 2013, and that when his bus was returned the walls were all shot up with a BB gun and that the electronics were fried. He tried to sue for $100k in punitive damages in 2014 when Weiland was still alive, but now that the singer has passed on he’s looking to the Weiland estate to compensate him.

On the one hand, if I was Smagacz, I’d be pissed too, and demand satisfaction. I also totally buy that he got screwed here. Scott Weiland was never known for being a responsible or law-abiding dude; Hell, even his lawyers tried to sue him. That said, can a BB gun really do that much damage to a bus’ interior? And how did Weiland fry all the electronics? Did he hook them up to a foreign outlet with the wrong adapter? Was he watching super porn?

Anyway, we’ll see if Smagacz ever gets his money. Hopefully, the Weiland estate will give him what he’s asking for, but given how post-mortem legal matters often go, I sincerely doubt it.

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