Akercocke is Backercocke


Last we heard about suit-wearing British Satanists Akercocke was in 2014, when we saw a drum playthrough performed by Legos. Which is a shame, as Akercocke always did some really cool dark romantic death metal, falling somewhere between Borknagar, Deicide, and Type O Negative. Plus, they all wore elaborate suits! Metal was never so classy!

The good news is, Akercocke has returned after a five-year break, and are in the process of making a follow-up to 2007’s awesome Antichrist. The bad news is, if this band photo is any indication, they have forsaken the suits for leather jackets and comfortable turtleneck sweaters. And while music obviously trumps fashion, I can’t help but be a little bummed, as I dug the whole Dennis Wheatley-esque old-school devil worship look these guys courted.

The band has publicly announced their return with the hashtag “#themonkeyisoutofthecage” (so, are they a monkey? Seems odd for a baroque death metal band), and have rallied the “Akerytes”, who I earnestly think should actually be called “Akercockesuckers”. They’ve also posted the following new track, “Inner Sanctum”, to their Facebook (thanks to Dean Brown for the heads-up). The song is a little flowery, even for them, but it also has that weirdo mystic erotic kind of quality to it.

So, who’s excited? Who out there is pouring themselves a decadent glass of red wine and counting down the minutes until the new album comes out on their brass pocket watch? Let us know in the comments.

You can keep up with the band on their website. Meanwhile, Akercocke’s new album, Renaissance In Extremis, is tentatively expected to come out this fall.


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