Kip Winger Wrote an Album of Classical Music


Kip Winger, quite unfairly, is known in the metal world at large primarily for two things: 1) his ballerina-like dance moves in the music video for “Seventeen,” 2) his band’s status as the ultimate choice of posers, famously depicted on the t-shirt worn by Beavis & Butthead’s try-hard neighbor Stewart.

It’s a shame, really, because Kip is a phenomenal musician, moreso than most of his peers who were far more popular and respected during that era. He studied classical music as a child, has dabbled in it on his recent solo albums and now, finally, he’s releasing his first ever classical music album. Where are CC Deville and Nikki Sixx’s classical albums? Oh right, there aren’t any.

Conversations with Nijinsky was recorded at SkyWalker Sound with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Martin West and co-produced by C.F. Kip Winger and four-time Grammy winner Leslie Ann Jones. The new album features Winger’s “Ballet Ghosts,” choreographed by Tony Award-winner Christopher Wheeldon, “Conversations with Nijinsky,” and the new composition “A Parting Grace.”

What a time to be alive! What’s next — a ballet choreographed by Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman?

Check out a preview video of what’s in store below; pre-order the CD (signed by Kip) at www.kipwinger.com and receive a download of a new acoustic version of “So Long China” from Winger’s Better Days Comin’ album.

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