Black Stone Cherry Apologize for Claiming Motörhead Offered Them Cocaine


A couple of days ago, we posted about the bassist from Black Stone Cherry claiming that Motörhead offered him cocaine daily while his band toured Germany with them. Then yesterday, Motörhead made a statement saying that was bullshit, and asking for an apology.

Well, last night, Black Stone Cherry posted the following to their Facebook page:

On the one hand, good on Lawhon for clearing this up and making amends with a band who once helped his band. This was a good look, and we applaud him for it.

…but c’maaaan. Lawhon was offered “substances” by “former employees of the band?” What, did Some Puerto Rican Guy pass them a little sodium pentothal? This is such a carefully-tailored statement, implying that dudes who Motörhead eventually fired for enjoying cocaine offered this dude something behind Motörhead’s back. You can almost hear Lawhon’s bandmates on the phone with him being like, “You have to fix this. You have to fix this right now.”

Anyway, the moral of this story is, if you’re going to tell a light-hearted road story about being offered cocaine daily by one of rock’s recently-deceased legends, either get your facts straight, stand by your tour story when it gets blown up, or, even better, maybe leave that shit on the road.


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