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Rob Scallon’s Banjo Cover of “Master of Puppets” Kicks off May-Tallica the Right Way

  • Phil Boozeman

We here at MetalSucks are firm believers that any day with a new Rob Scallon video is infinitely better than any day without one. And as it would turn out, today we have a new Rob Scallon video picked fresh from the tree — and that video tastes like a banjo cover of the legendary Metallica song “Master of Puppets.”

This clip will do a couple of things for you. It will 1) once again prove that Metallica songs sound good on any instrument and 2) make you wonder how many stereotypical straw hats Scallon owns (by my count, it’s about eleven).

Like the headline says, this month is May-tallica, and that means that every Monday in May, Scallon will be posting a new Metallica cover for your auditory enjoyment. This week’s cover features a banjo (duh), a bass cello, and a synth keyboard guitar solo that surely wouldn’t sound the same without the tight white pants in which it is pretending to be played. Make sure to check back next Monday, because May-tallica only gets better. Never worse.

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