Is Scott Stapp from Creed the New Singer for Stone Temple Pilots?


Update, 6:11pm EDT: Stone Temple Pilots have posted a Facebook message indicating that Scott Stapp is not being considered for their vacant vocalist slot, nor has he ever been:

Original Post: Have Stone Temple Pilots traded one Scott for another?

Blabbermouth reports that in a new interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5, Creed’s Scott Stapp claimed to be “working on a new album with a new group of guys — guys from some pretty well-known rock bands that you guys will know.” When asked if this “new group of guys” was Stone Temple Pilots, Stapp replied…

“I can’t say, man, I can’t say. I can’t confirm or deny. [But] I will tell you this: there is a six-degree-separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.”

Which is the worst hint ever, because there’s a six-degree-separation between Stone Temple Pilots and a lot of groups; given that much leeway, in fact, I’d wager you can connect STP to almost any other band.

It also seems worth noting that Stapp didn’t say he was working with guys from a pretty well-know rock band — he said he was working with guys from some pretty well-known rock bands, plural. And no one in STP is really famous for their work with other projects, unless you count Army of Anyone, which you shouldn’t because they were hardly “famous.”

So hopefully this isn’t true, because Scott Stapp sucks even worse than Chester Bennington, and it would nice for STP to continue on with someone who, y’know, doesn’t suck. But Stapp says we’ll know who he’s working with next month, so we’ll see then I s’pose.

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