Watch: Conan O’Brien and Slash Go Craigslist Guitar Shopping


Unless you’re a filthy rich bastard, chances are you’ve bought something off of Craigslist to save yourself a few bucks. And as anyone who has ever purchased something off of Craigslist knows all too well, sometimes the people who sell their shit there are a little, um, creepy.

That being said, Conan O’Brien decided that it was time for him to get a new guitar. And to make sure he didn’t get ripped off he brought his good pal Slash along for the adventure.

As you would probably expect, the whole thing is pretty damn funny, especially considering the disparate levels at which Slash and Conan are able to play the guitar, and how apparently unexcited the Craigslisters are to be meeting one of the world’s most famous rock stars AND talk show hosts at the same time. I suppose having a bland reaction is a little better than a staged MTV Pimp My Ride freak out, but still, there is no way the people selling these guitars don’t know who Slash is. Whatever, I don’t make the rules and you can all be very thankful for that.

[via Gear Gods]

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