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Whoa; Wes Borland Just Released Another Solo Album, and It’s Really Trippy and Good


I’ve not been an avid follower of Wes Borland’s non-Limp Bizkit career — the taint of LB is VERY strong — but this I do know: his solo material sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit, and people whose taste in music I trust claim some of it is worthwhile.

So I’m listening to his new album Crystal Machete, which he dropped by surprise last week, and damn… it’s GOOD! It’s got nothing to do with Bizkit, or anything remotely heavy. There are ambient tracks, synth-heavy electronic jams, ethereal atmospheric numbers and there are even some guitars sprinkled throughout, but there’s mercifully nothing about nookie or hating Britney Spears. Most importantly, the songs are solid; the opening two tracks are low-key rock numbers with real drums, but by the fourth track “White Stallion” we’re into full-on weird territory with a straight-up synthwave banger. And then it just gets more bizarre and experimental from there.

Check it out below! I don’t know where it’s available for purchase, but I’d venture Borland doesn’t care that much, whatwith his day job funding his life. So just enjoy the jamz and laugh at the fact that such a creative mind’s talent is wasted in Limp Bizkit.

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