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NYC Justin Bieber Fans Line Up Around The Block for Pentagram Logo Ripoffs


In March, we wrote about how Justin Bieber got death metal artist extraordinaire Mark Riddick to redesign his logo and merch.

Well, tonight Lord Biebalieb hits New York City for two shows at the Barclays Center as part of his Purpose Tour, and with him comes a shitload of metal-esque merch. So much, in fact, that he’s opened up a pop-up tour to sell it… and people are lining up around the block for it.

Right now at VFiles at 12 Mercer Street, you too can find hoodies, hats, tees, and even jean jackets with this bite-off of the Pentagram logo on it:

Crazy, right? Perhaps even crazier is that people are apparently lining up around the block for it:

Now look, we obviously looove Mark Riddick here, and this isn’t the first time the mainstream has bitten off a metal logo in the name of fashion. It’s just crazy that people are lining up to wait for what seems like hours, just so they can rock a Bieber-themed metal logo. Really? Guys, go to St. Mark’s Place. You can buy an actual metal shirt and a Justin Bieber shirt in one place for probably half the price of one of these hats, and it will take you seven minutes.

Anyway, scroll down for more images from the pop-up store, and keep an eye out for some MetalSucks heads lurking around Barclays itself tonight. Meanwhile, Justin, really–no Dark Funeral swag? So false!

Thanks to the indomitable Anso DF for the heads-up on this one!

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