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Report: Ozzy Spotted in Los Angeles


Reports earlier today that Ozzy Osbourne had gone missing following the public announcement of his split with Sharon Osbourne had the metal world holding its breath. The couple’s three children, Jack, Kelly and Aimee, had been unable to reach the 67-year-old and were understandably worried, despite the fact that this kind of thing has happened before. The Black Sabbath vocalist was said to be taking refuge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, although he hadn’t been seen in some time. It was rumored that Sharon had uncovered evidence Ozzy was having an affair with celebrity stylist Michelle Pugh.

Time to breathe a sigh of relief: reports that the singer was spotted this morning in Los Angeles carrying his dog. The report doesn’t specify where Osbourne was spotted, but at least we know Ozzy is alive. Check out three photos courtesy of below.

More as we learn it. Sending good vibes to the Osbourne clan.

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