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Gutter Instinct Invite You to Join the “Counter-Culture”



“Gutter Instinct” is a damn cool name, so one would hope the band using it didn’t suck. Thankfully, this Helsinborg, Sweden-based five-piece do just the opposite, vomitting forth killer death metal that is equal parts crushingly brutal and enjoyably melodic.

The band has just released a new track called “Counter-Culture” from their upcoming full-length debut, and it’s a solid example of what the band’s all about. Sure, it definitely wears its influences on its sleeve, but if you need a soundtrack to, say, reading Jason Netherton’s Choosing Death, these dudes provide everything you’re looking for.

Black “Counter-Culture” below and get wrecked. Gutter Instinct’s Age of Fanatics comes out May 27th on Prosthetic. You can pre-order it here.

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