What are Mark Morton from Lamb of God’s Top Five Guitar Albums?


It’s always interesting to get some insight regarding an influence’s influences, so I think this will appeal to many of you: Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has revealed his Top Five Guitar Albums to Loudwire. I’m not gonna give away the whole list here, but I will reveal that i) Led Zeppelin’s House of the Holy is the closest thing to a metal album on the list, which will surely enrage a certain sect of Morton’s less-intelligent fans, and ii) one of his picks is The Black Crowes’ 1994 album, Amorica, which is exciting if you’re me, because I love Amorica, I think it’s severely underrated, and it was a HUGE part of my life when it came out.

Here’s what Morton has to say about that record:

“A bit of an oddball choice, but it’s an important record to me. The Black Crowes might not be as influential as the other artists on my list, but to me, Marc Ford is one of those guys who has his own voice and knows how to communicate his thoughts through his guitar playing. He doesn’t just rattle off a catalog of blues licks; rather, he speaks his mind and lets you in on a feeling.

“Whenever someone asks me what kind of guitar playing I’m into, I immediately say, ‘heavy blues.’ I love British blues, but I need a certain kind of grit and grime — that’s what hits the sweet spot for me. Marc Ford has that. He gets inside a note and sees what’s there, and his tonal choices are impeccable. The Black Crowes were a large band, and he handled his role beautifully. You felt him every time you heard him.”

Well said, Mr. Morton!

You can read the rest of Mark’s picks and explanations here. You can rock Amorica below. You can mock Amorica in the comments section.

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