Kevin Paradis Just Broke the Record for World’s Fastest Double-Kick Drummer


Look: we all know speed isn’t everything. Isn’t the motion of the ocean, not the size of the wave… right?

That said, playing lightning fast is still really fucking impressive and requires an incredible amount of dedication, practice and precision… and, therefore, respect. So we can’t help but be wowed by Mithridatic drummer Kevin Paradis’s latest feat, brought to our attention by Gear Gods.

When Paradis set out to learn some of the parts written for Mithridatic’s new album he found himself playing at 260bpm for short periods of time, and decided to see if he could extend that into breaking the world record of 1034 double-kick strokes in one minute. Once he accomplished that (by a mere 3 strokes! he misfired on 3 along the way as well), he took the concept to its next logical extension, endeavoring to break the record for double-kick strokes in FIVE minutes, previously 4,595. And the rest is history. Watch:

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